Tuesday, April 26, 2011



Sorry I've neglected this blog forever but I've been busy working as a part time stylist for an amazing Parisian photographer, getting my portfolio ready for fashion school, French class, and enjoying everything Paris has to offer me. I have loads of photos I need to upload and there's so many collections I'm dying over that I want to blog about! The sun is back and I've crawled out of my shell of chilly misery and so has the rest of the Paris. The cafe's are full of people brimming the sidewalks, the flowers have bloom, and people are lazying on the grass. I went to the Flower Park for the first time yesterday and the aromas and exotic flowers were enchanting. I was definitely inspired by the intricacy of the patterns that I saw on some of the rare flowers. I got some amazing photos I'll post this week!


fashion.gossipmk said...

Oh, these pics are amazing!! You have beautiful hair, btw :)
Xoxo, K.

Phuong said...

lovely pics

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Kacrates said...

wow what an opportunity! :)

Have fun