Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Raphael Young: Shoe Genius


Raphael Young was born in Seoul, Korea as an orphan and was adopted into a French family at age 4 where he moved to Lyon, France. His childhood consisted of anticipated summers to his uncle’s shoe factory where his interest in design and fashion began. His uncle was Alexandre Narcy an acclaimed bottier who created the first Yves Saint Laurent’s shoe studio. It was his uncle who taught him how to make his first pair of shoes at age 14 and till this day he personally makes his own prototype from heel to toe. Before fashion he went the traditional path and studied engineering and physics which only helped influence the future designer when it came to understanding structure and physics. He started his career in Paris and opened up this first store on Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau where he made his mark in the fashion industry. Everyone has fallen in love with his shoes which are not inspired by trends but uses traditional techniques fused with 21st century fashion. His shoes are the most powerful and stunning on the market. As for comfort I’ll let you know, those first wedges are on top of my Christmas list.

photos via raphaelyoung.com


--Sanam-- said...

Some amazing designs! i especially love the first wedges pictured :D talk about original! :D

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Day By Diva

Sebastian Kubatz said...

this is insane
crazy styles



MargieF said...

these are gorgeous. they are so dıfferent but not too weırd for the sake of ıt and ı would happıly ınclude the laceups and the electrıc blue paırs ınto my collectıon.

jemina said...

OMG!!! Those Shoes are TDF!!!

Me want all in size US 8 please

Thanks for sharing,

Much appreciated,

Carina Joana said...

They're awesome *.*

Ariadne said...

Hi pretty!
Great post,lovely shoes.
Kiss-your follower Ariadne.

Kristen said...

thanks for posting, all of these are beyond gorgeous but i love the first pair the most!

Cindy, fashionsbeauty said...

Great shoes, love the blue one! Great post too, love the new layout btw! xoxo


Alexandra Amico said...

love the blue one!

Nathaniel said...

Love love love every shoe!!!


SK said...

What an amazing, amazing story. Thank you so much for sharing! I love learning about things like this :)

Roya said...

These shoes are CRAZY. I want the wedges on the top left.