Monday, June 14, 2010

this is the biggest tragedy

Last month they estimated that the BP oil spill was releasing over 210,000 gallons of crude into our beautiful oceans each day. After watching the news this morning the number has grown to an estimated 600,000 -1.2 million gallons of oil each day! This isn't even the worst part...if they can't find another solution (besides polluting our air by burning all the excess oil that can't fit in the stupid dome they built) by next month the number of gallons of oil ruining our bountiful oceans will grow to a whopping 2 million gallons per day. I want to cry for all the animals!!

If you haven't done anything to it NOW!! My father recalled the huge oil spill in South Korea back in 2007 and how celebrities and the whole nation went to the beaches to do something small as cleaning the rocks. We need global help to even slightly neutralize this disaster. Americans are paying for our dependency on oil and need to research alternative fuel sources. Kinda ironic how gas prices has gone DOWN since the oil spill....

How about my international readers? What does your country think about this?

photos via bbc