Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nail Art

Left to right: 1.Pink bow with pearls and stones 3.Diamonds & pearls, grapefruit, watermelon, and strawberry with stones (this one was my favorite) birthday cake 6.rose 7.two ice cream scoops with sprinkles 8.Pearl heart with stones 9.waffle with pink icing and strawberry on top (yum..)

Gel nails are all the rage now. In the US you can find some Japanese based nail salons that may offer gel nails but it's nothing compared to Japan, and luckily Korea, thanks to a bilingual Japanese nail artist who opened up a salon on Rodeo Drive in Korea. Last summer I attended Seoul National University to study intensive Korean and I had the opportunity to meet some of the coolest people from all over the world. I met a girl named Irene who knew about gel nails from living in Japan for five years. (she actually goes to RISD and is an amazing artist, she just started a blog check it out here) After seeing her rad nails my friend Natasha and I made an appointment the very next day like we've been missing out our whole lives. Natasha is a law grad from Australia and didn't know anything about them either! She's very into fashion and beauty as well, she has an online magazine you can read here.

The place was glamfab and the ladies were super sweet. We played around with boxes of miniature hamburgers, ice cream, snowmen, and more all imported from Japan for about 3 hours. Keep in mind you are paying anywhere from $250-300 USD, and this is cheap according to Irene who had lived in Japan. So it's time consuming to say the least because I went all you can see. My friend Natasha didn't go as overboard and they turned out ridiculously cool. We laughed for days how these globs of miniature art were interfering with our daily routines such as: running my hands through hair, putting on makeup, and Natasha even struggled with her contacts so we went back to get them fixed. But if I could do it again, I would, and with intent of a crazier design than I did the first time. There never went a day without a girl or old women asking where I got them done and examined each one like a piece of art. Loved them, miss them, will get them again whenever I go back.

Most Asked Questions:

Did it hurt?
Absolutely not, they prepare each nail for the process and it's not as abrasive as acrylic.

How long do they last?
2-3 months, and even longer if you go back and maintenance them. I went back to the states so I just let them grow out.

Do the stones fall out?
The gel is the special part about these nails, it dries clear and holds things like super glue which allows the nail artist to make a design and pile things on top of the other. Out of the 100 jewels I had on my nails only 3-4 fell off.

Did it hurt to take them off?
If you've ever gotten acrylic on your nails (ew the highschool days) and know when they grow out they come off your nails naturally, the same thing happens with gel nails. Most of the designs popped off easily all together because your nails grow with them on and eventually makes air bubbles underneath. Some stayed longer than others.
Photobucket the salon

Hope this clarifies some of the questions asked =) more outfit posts sister came to visit from Miami for a few days!


Miri said...

Oh wow, looks very good, but I can't even get my nail polish to stay perfect for one day ;-)

christine ◘ tie me a bow said...

I've always been a fan of deco nails but was always afraid they would hurt when I take them off. :) Thanks for your little FYI there.

YOU WENT TO KOREA TO STUDY! So lucky. I wanted to go to Korea so bad this year for vacation. How was your experience there??

sayablack said...

I adore gel nails!
In Japan,most nail salons are using gel nail system.
I've gotten into gel nails by myself!

Maggie ☮ said...

wowie that's amazing! lol ...that'a A LOT of gems lol! ...the nail salon looks crazy cool though was this in Japan?

**OnYxStA** said...

interesting choice of nail art

SK said...

What a cute salon! I'm sure there's a lot more nail art places now in Korea (2ne1 craze and all) but I'm going to have to get the details on this place the next time I go!!

Courtney O. said...

OMG THAT'S AMAZING. cant say i've ever seen this, but i sooo want to bejewel my nails now!

jade said...

they look amazing!! wow, dont think i would be able to stop staring at my hands if i had this done. WAH nail bar in london has started doing these, you've inspired me to go and try it out! amazing blog x x

isis said...

i dream of the day i will be able to do my nails again(my job doesn't let me). these are amazing!!

Silvie said...

woah!! thats soo cool!