Saturday, March 13, 2010

just came back from Miami

woke up to this every morning
sorry loves I've been on a beach! Unfortunately a beach bum stole my bag with my camera so grainy iphone pics for now...
dress: arden b, shirt: Jean Paul Gaultier X Target, shoes: MK oxford townsend, bag: vintage

quickest plane ride ever to Miami- one week of heels only- sister reunion- going out at 2am - sleeping in- Rustica pizza overload- club Mansion overload- cheeseburger baby- one day of laying out and getting burned for the whole week- stolen beach bag- nail painting obsessions- headshots in VIP- Lady Gaga mini me - Wale dancing on the pole at Play- pure entertainment at Clevelander- DJ's- spring break overkill- Hey Daddy by Usher overkill- great shopping- Flyboutique- LF- Aventura- waking up at 4:30am to "go out"- Golden Girls- Frenchy- dancing on the beach- I want a nickname-Cuban food- pink balcony obsession- Living it up with Pace, Chatz, Abby, Tam & Clara-

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sayablack said...

Great view!!
I wanna go there,too!!!!