Thursday, February 18, 2010

Seoul, Korea....the next fashion capital?

Just this past weekend at New York's Couture Fashion Week, three notable Korean designers showed their collections on the runway in the legendary Waldorf-Astoria Grand Ballroom.

Asia has become a hotbed of New Century Couture,” says Mira Zivkovich, president of New York-based fashion consulting firm MZI Global. “These Asian designers are creating vibrant works of art with a nod to their cultural history, but most certainly in the present.”

The first collection is ANS- by Yoon-Jung An: MY FAVORITE...I love the whole collection...very feminine and Parisian.

“Green Energy Cool Earth” hints at Ms. An’s dream of a better future in harmony with history and nature. Classic ensembles with a punk edge empower and transform. Natural materials such as silk, linen and cotton flow in synch perfectly represented by sea-inspired hues of natural green, indigo blue and water white. “We expressed the designs that have the best paradigm through natural dye and the use of environmental fabric,” says Ms. An.

Next one is Lillycomes- by Jeone Mi Young- Just read her educational backround and its self-explained.
Esmod de Paris, Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaus, Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, as well as an attending Korea's #1 university, Seoul National' for an advanced program in fashion business for CEO's

“Her unique combination of old-world elegance and Asian influence offers rare opportunity to find a custom crafted couture dress,” says Zivkovich.

Last but not least, Yang's by Hee Deuk: Think of haute couture meets Bohemian. Celebrating freedom & youth.

“I always respect women who think differently in a Bohemian way, seeking love, new challenges and experiences,” says Mr. Yang. "My brand has loyal customers, professional women who enjoy the arts and global travel, and love their life.”

“Hee Deuk Yang is an extraordinarily talented designer with a fresh perspective,” says Mira Zivkovich President and CEO, MZI Global. “Traditional French couture is tired and outdated. Asia is the home of New Century couture,” says Zivkovich

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