Monday, February 14, 2011

kissed by spring


This is currently my favorite fur coat that can actually pull off casual and dressy according to footwear. I love the camel color and the white patches on the elbows. I found it in a Paris antique market that's held on my street (Blvd Bonne Nouvelle) every last Saturday of each month. This always slips my memory and as I headed out to dinner one night right in front of my flat there were at least 200 beautiful Parisian antique fur coats waiting for a new home. I bought two and told myself they'll be back again.
Earlier this week Francesca and I decided to take a walk to Belleville Park. It was right after we arrived that it started raining hard and we were umbrella-less. For the sake of my fur we tried to wait it out under a walkway covered in shrubs. I realized even though the weather in Paris doesn't reflect spring the budding of leaves, roses, and dandelions proved otherwise. I can't wait to be able to enojy the sun while sitting next to the Seine and sip my iced caramel macchiato while reading the newest issue of Numéro.


Sebastian Kubatz said...

you looks awesome
really cool
love it



STACY said...

loving the fur!
I've been looking for fauxfur coat myself, no luck yet!
photos are lovely too :)

x Stace

Kacrates said...

very romantic to me! :)

Liana said...

that coat is absolutely amazing! very nice photos too..i wish i could go to paris!

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KcomeKarolina said...

totaly love this look!!!

xoxo from rome

Cindy, fashionsbeauty said...

Love this outfit! Great combo xoxo

cryskay said...

love the fur, love your hair! xo

beingdena said...

you ALWAYS look amazing.

Catarina said...

The coat is beautiful and the colour is amazing.

Joel Salmon said...

It's really beautiful! Indeed it can adapt to whatever you want to wear. It's perfect for any style of dress and you can even go smart casual with that.

Joel Salmon